Coaching for Agile Teams

Agile Teams or Project Teams that want to become Agile Teams benefit tremendously from a supporting Coaching Program

If you look on the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, its obvious that some People Topics are in focus and the attitude of all involved people towards this new cooperation model is essential.


The Manifesto ranks:

Individuals and interactions          over           processes and tools

Working software                            over           comprehensive documentation

Customer collaboration                 over           contract negotiation

Responding to change                   over           following a plan


Moving people who worked in classical Project Teams into the Agile World is not just training new processes; its a mind change.

Professional Coaching programs designed for the agile world can support Teams that need to learn to organize them selfs and support the Scrum Master in being a Moderator for the Team instead of a Problem Solver.


Coaching topics could be:

- The new attitude in the new role

- Moderation skills

- Back delegation of issues (impediments)

- User interaction in an agile environment

- Coping with change

- Values of me and my team

- Dealing with ambiguity (Flexibility vs. Fixed Processes)


Such a Coaching Program can be used for Agile Projects not only in the IT world. Experiences with a client shows that also Organisational Development projects can benefit from this approach.

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