Bringing together the soft facts and sharp science of Project Management

ProjectCoaching is an holistic approach, combining People, Team and Project.


Your benefit: With a professional, external view, measures will be identified and implemented in order to strengthen the idea of Project Management. Project Leader and their Teams will be encouraged to a more professional cooperation to ensure that your projects will reach their goals. 


Successful ProjectCoaching requires a Coach and Trainer with a professional education and experience not only as Trainer and Coach but also as Global Project Leader and Line Leader in the industry. You will find all of this at RE People Development.


ProjectCoaching with the focus on people


People in Strategic Positions with demanding tasks require appropriate support. In sports its quite natural that a Pro has one or more Coaches. Why not do the same in your company: Make your Pros successful with the right measures, tailored to the person and the role.

ProjectCoaching with focus on team


What are the preferences of my Team Members and how can I make sure that my Team will be successful. What do I do, if conflicts jeopardizes my project. 

With the right Coaching Tools we can make relations within the team transparent, sharpen awareness of everybody for the needs of the others, so that in the end your Team works like: 2+2=5 

ProjectCoaching with focus on project


Team Members who not only act as Experts in their field, but know as well how to apply the appropriate Project Management Tools; Project Leader who can lead without hierarchical power; Senior Manager who can implement Project Management Processes in the right way and defend them, independent if we are talking about classical Project Management or Agile Projects. These are the ingredients for successful Project Work