Project Management Training


The Project Team consists of Experts in their field, who sometimes are uncertain how to cope with the role which has been given to them as Member of a Project Team. Maybe they are not able to apply appropriately Project Management Tools. The reason behind is that only slowly Project Management is also subject in universities. Depending on your demand, I offer you Basic Project Management Training, Advanced Project Management Training or Training for dedicated topics. The content is of course subject of discussion and depends on your requirements.

Interim Project Management


Often Project Leader positions have to be filled as quick as possible with an experienced Project Leader. But are you able to justify a new position for this role? Maybe this new project does not have the same priority six months from now.

As an experienced Project Manager I will temporary take the Lead of your project, using Project Management Tools according to international standards. If available Project Management Processes described in your Project Management Handbook will be taken into account. 

You will always be in the driver seat regarding timeframe and intensity of my support. It might also something to consider: to hire a permanent Project Leader after some months. An additional option could then be, that I step back from the Lead and offer a Transition Coaching for the new Project Leader.

Project Management Consulting


Project Leader and their Teams are in a bad position, wenn their company is not prepared to support Project Work.

Are the decision paths clear and communicated? Is a Steering Committee established? Do the responsible people working in the Project environment know their responsibilities?

If you can not answer those questions with YES, you should consider to think about your Project Management Processes.

In contrast to big consulting companies, I offer you a short and crispy analysis, which will show success on a short term basis.

ProjectCoaching for Agile Projects


Working in Agile Projects means a fundamental mind shift for employees and the whole company. Therefore a supporting Coaching Program is essential for everybody working in this new "style", especially if the employees have worked before in Projects using classical Project Management. 

Agile Teams do organize them selfs; Scrum Master are Moderators and not Problem Solver. As your Coach, I will guide you into this new way of working.