Team Development


To Develop a Team means to make sure that this Development is sustainable. Therefore I will make sure during a Kick Off Meeting of a Project Team that the new Team Spirit sticks. Therefore it could be  beneficial if two or three Team Coaching sessions are following the Kick Off Meeting.

Preference Models e.g. INSIGHTS Discovery®


What are the Preferences of the Members of my Team and what does this mean for me as the Leader? The so called Preference Models can give hints to the Team what is necessary to improve communication within the Team.

Those Preference Models mainly depend on the Theory of C.G. Jung.

My Portfolio starts with short exercises which can be easily integrated into a Kick off Meeting and end with a complete profile for each member of the Project Team. The Debrief of the profiles can be done individually or within the team.


Team Coaching


Team Coaching does not just mean Coaching of all the members of the Team. With Team Coaching, the focus is on the relations between the Team Members. This relations will be made transparant and then the Team Members can work towards improvement of those relations.

Depending on the result of the Analysis Phase, the focus can be on different topics: Communication, Roles and Responsibility, Conflicts etc.


Team Constellations


A Team Constellation Session can open up a new horizon for the Team Leader and his Team: Relations within the Team, Roles and unwritten Rules.......all this will be made visible. With this visibility its much easier to find solutions, establish new rules and strengthen the cooperation within the Team.