Systemic Business Coaching


Systemic coaching means, that Problems, Reasons or even Guilt does not play an important role, but more the interactions between the client and the elements of his system, which allows him to find the best solution for his situation. Systems do not have a simple cause and effect relation, but a complex interaction between the elements.

Business Coaching means, that the topics, which are present in daily business are in the focus. However it could also mean that if a private situation is blocking a business goal, the business goal can only be reached, if the client finds a solution for his private issue during the coaching process. The client is as well always in the driver seat and decides how deep he wants to go.


Coaching for Project Leader


The Project Leader is support by a Coaching Program for a certain time. Topics of such a Coaching Program are of course are different depending on the person. However experience shows that some topics are coming up frequently when coaching Project Leader: My perception as Project Leader, Decision Making, My Values, Conflicts in my Team, How do I motivate my Team.

For all those topics, there are will established Coaching Tools, which I am using. You will recognize the Change.


Systemic Constellations


Decision Making


Sometimes the famous +/- lists do not help us in order to make the right decisions. With several Coaching Tools, the different options will be made transparent and the if the client uses all senses, the Decision Making Process will be much easier.


Overcoming mental blocks


If something is between us and our goal, and we don`t see it, we need tools, which make those blocks transparent. 


Managing difficult discussions


Line Leaders and Project Leader often enter difficult discussion with a feeling of potential failure. Its essential to have the right attitude from the very beginning. There are very effective Coaching Tools which will help the client to move into this positive attitude from the very beginning.


People Development Concepts


State of the art People Development Concepts like to see People Development Curricula tailored to the position and not "cherry picking" of available trainings from a big catalogue.

Those curricula should take into account available company strategies especially when a reference to people topics is made in those strategies.